Was That Construction Disclosed?

Home buyer accuses Seller of Concealing Construction Defects Two Years After the sale

In the Spring of 2017, we sold our home in California and moved to Texas. In April of 2019, we received a letter from an attorney concerning the condition of our home. The letter stated that the home buyers “recently discovered that there are serious construction defects at the property of which they were not advised during their purchase; and, which, if had they known, would have deterred them from purchasing the property.”

The letter went on to say, “I am writing at this time to put you on notice of this problem in order to give you the opportunity, if you choose to take it, to inspect the situation before my client’s contractor tears out the defective construction and repairs the house. My clients are facing considerable expense to fix the construction defects that you, or contractors that you hired, deliberately concealed from them. I will be writing to you subsequently to make a demand for reimbursement of the construction costs.”

"I will be writing to you subsequently to make a demand for reimbursement of the construction costs."

They go on to say they have extensive documentation and photos from a forensic inspector, which are not included in the letter, and that we had less than a month to send a representative to inspect the property before their contractor begins with repairs.

The whole situation was extremely stressful. We did not deliberately conceal anything and filled out the disclosure form to the best of our ability. We did not build the house and had little knowledge about previous work on the house.

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