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6 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2023

You’ve likely been bombarded with predictions about what the real estate market will do in 2023: mortgage rate forecasts, which metro areas will be heating up and cooling down, and whether or not 2023 has the makings of a record-breaking year. But no matter what happens with the market, you can still set and achieve goals for yourself and grow your real estate business. Read on to discover a few ways you can level up your business practices in 2023 to make the most of this year. 

1. Create Systems

 A system is a process you can easily (and sometimes mindlessly) repeat. Systems can save you time, energy, money, and make it easier for you to focus on new and exciting projects.

You can create a system for something as simple as making breakfast to something as complex as generating leads. For example, Steve Jobs turned getting dressed in the morning into a system, putting on a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and sneakers every day. He did this so he could have more time to focus on what was important to him: his business.

How to Create a System

Start by identifying a common task you find stressful or time-consuming, like getting ready for work or grocery shopping. Then think about ways you can automate that experience:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What tools might help you solve that problem?
  • What decisions can you make now that will help solve that problem over and over again? 

No matter what you choose to systemize, creating systems will give you more time to focus on your goals.  

2. Post on Social Media

77% of realtors use social media for their real estate business, and no wonder: the average user spends 2.5 hours on social media every day. This means you have ample opportunity to get in front of potential new clients, generate business, and grow your real estate business.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Here are a few questions to help focus your efforts: 

  1. What content do you feel most comfortable creating? This will help decide whether Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. might be a good fit for you. 
  2. Are you targeting a certain age demographic, such as established professionals looking for vacation homes? Different demographics use different platforms, so researching your audience’s preferences can be helpful. 
  3. 86% of users say authenticity is important on social media. How can you translate your authentic self through a photo or video?
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3. Send to Your Client’s Office

Consider sending thank you, birthday, or holiday cards to your client’s workplace instead of their home. This can help you gain exposure to a whole office or building full of new clients.

4. Care for Clients After the Sale

Many home sellers don’t know they can be sued after the sale by the buyer, even if the seller did nothing wrong. Make sure your clients know about the legal risk that comes with a homes sale and ensure they purchase Home Sale Legal Protection—which protects sellers, agents, and brokers from legal disputes—before closing. 

Without Home Sale Legal Protection™, sellers are on their own if a legal dispute develops after the sale. This often results in the agent being pulled into the lawsuit, too. Fortunately, Home Sale Legal Protection™ resolved 94% of client disputes before escalating to a lawsuit or mediation. This means sellers were taken care of and agents couldn’t be pulled into a legal battle.

Clients who feel protected and supported will be more likely to refer you to the people they care about. And when you are protected, so is your real estate business.

5. Write a Monthly Newsletter

People value what you have to say as a real estate expert. Consider writing a monthly newsletter or update for your clients to keep your business top of mind.

Here are a few things your clients might find valuable:

  • A market update they can understand: Someone interested in selling, for example, might want your opinion on the right time to put their home on the market
  • Energy-saving and home maintenance tips
  • Season-specific homeownership tips, such as how to prepare your home for winter
  • A listing spotlight showcasing what you’re working on

Newsletters also help further establish credibility. Clients see you’re active, engaged, and an industry expert.

6. Ask for Referrals

82% of real estate business comes from referrals. Considering this, as the New Year gets rolling don’t be afraid to reach out to former clients and ask if they know someone who needs your help.

Clients who had a good experience with you will want to support you and help grow your business, and reaching out will keep your business top-of-mind.

Agent asking clients for referrals.

In Conclusion: Set a SMART Goal

Whether you choose to do something from this list or not, make sure your goal is SMART:

S: Specific

Bad Example: I will get faster at sending thank you notes to my clients.
Good Example: I will cut the time it takes to send client thank you notes in half.

M: Measurable

Bad Example: I’ll make my seller clients feel supported and protected.
Good Example: I will inform every seller client about Home Sale Legal Protection™ before closing so they know I am an expert and I care about them.

A: Achievable

Bad Example: I will get a referral from every single client I’ve ever worked with.
Good Example: I’ll reach out to my clients to see if they know someone who wants to work with me.

R: Realistic

Bad Example: I will post on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook every day.
Good Example: I will post on Instagram 2x per week.

T: Timely

Bad Example: I’ll write a newsletter sometime this year… maybe.
Good Example: I will write my first newsletter by February 15th.

Using this framework of creating guidelines for your goals will help you achieve them. 

But, most importantly, remember this is your career. When thinking about how to grow your real estate business, choose goals that excite you and drive the change you want to see. No matter what curveball the 2023 real estate market throws at you, you’ll be able to look back and feel proud of what you’ve achieved. 

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