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Why Use Sellers Shield?

Did you know that helping your clients fill out their disclosure form is a liability? We reduce your risk and help you give your clients a better disclosure experience.

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Save Time

Quickly invite sellers and efficiently manage their disclosures.

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Stay Safe

Limit your liability and protect sellers.

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Referrals, happy sellers, and rave reviews

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Work Easier

With dotloop, zipForms,, etc.

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Check out just how easy our Smart Seller Tools™ makes filling out disclosure forms.

A Faster, Easier, and Safer Disclosure Process

Seriously, who enjoys filling out a disclosure form?
Your clients will after they fill it out through Sellers Shield.

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Smart Seller Tools™

Disclosure Tools That Are Actually Free
Yes, FREE.​

Our tools and forms are forever free, allowing agents to send unlimited invites to sellers to disclose. Agents have the option to upgrade to premium and provide their clients with custom branding throughout the seller's experience. We even offer premium options for entire teams and brokerages.

“As a realtor, this is an incredible product that I wish I had thought of first.
I’m extremely pleased to have this protection on every transaction!”

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Optional Home Sale Legal Protection™

Don’t let a claim put a strain on your business and your sellers’ lives

We've seen it over and over. A home is sold and everyone has happily moved on. Fourteen months later, a storm hits and a roof leak causes extensive damage. The buyer is upset and files a claim against the seller and listing agent stating they knew about the problem and didn't disclose it. They demand payment for repairs, punitive damages, attorney's fees, and even threaten to void the sale.

Our $75,000 promise

Up to $75,000 paid legal representation.

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Protection options

For claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale of the home.

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Sellers can easily opt-in

Available during disclosure or anytime before closing.

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