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Our online Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ helps prevent seller mistakes, limits agent liability, and saves a ton of time. Plus, it’s free to use!

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Home sale mediations and lawsuits are on the rise.
Sellers are unprotected and agents almost always get dragged in.

[ 95% of mediations stem from disclosure issues. ]


Invite sellers to disclose in 90 seconds or less. It’s the same forms that you already use, but it features:

[ No more handwritten, incomplete forms from your clients. ]

How it works

It takes less than 90 seconds to access your agent account and invite a seller to disclose.

Videos show Pennsylvania forms. Click here to watch state-specific videos.

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  • Residential Earthquake Hazards Report
  • Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)
  • Exempt Seller Disclosure (ESD)
  • Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ)
  • Seller Property Questionnaire Addendum (San Diego) 
  • San Francisco Seller’s Property Disclosure 
  • Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure, Acknowledgement and Addendum for pre-1978 Housing Sales, Leases, or Rentals
  • Fire Hardening and Defensible Space Advisory Disclosure and Addendum
  • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure
  • Greater San Diego Association of Realtors Seller Property Questionnaire Addendum
  • Sellers Property Disclosure 
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  • Property Disclosure Condition Report
  • Radon Disclosure
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition

  • Seller’s Property Disclosure – Residential
  • Seller’s Property Disclosure – Condominium


  • Residential Property Disclosure Statement
  • Residential Property Disclaimer Statement
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (FLD)
  • Missouri Realtors® Seller’s Disclosure Statement
  • Water Well/Sewage System Disclosure Rider
  • Pool/Hot Tub Disclosure Rider
  • Lakes & Ponds/Waterfront Property Disclosure Rider
  • Disclosure of Information Regarding Waste Disposal Site or Demolition Landfill
  • Disclosure of Information Regarding Methamphetamine/Controlled Substances
  • Condominium/Co-op/Shared Cost Development Disclosure Rider
  • Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form
  • Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards (Federal)
  • Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement
  • North Carolina Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement
  • Residential Property Disclosure Form
  • Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards (Federal)
  • RPCD Exemption Form
  • RPCD Appendix A
  • RPC Disclaimer Appendix B
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  • Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  • PAR Lead-Based Paint Disclosure 
  • Property Disclosure Statement
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  • TXR Seller’s Disclosure Notice
  • Information about On-site Sewer Facility (TXR)
  • Addendum to Seller’s Disclosure Notice – Improvements
  • Addendum to Seller’s Disclosure Notice – Exclusions
  • TREC Seller’s Disclosure Notice
  • Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Addendum
  • Addendum for Property in a Propane Gas System Service Area

[ We've helped resolve 94% of disputes BEFORE escalating to a lawsuit or mediation, keeping sellers and their agents out of the courtroom. ]


At the first sign of trouble, even just a verbal threat from the buyer, sellers notify us and we immediately:

Cost less than a 1-hour legal consultation. Sellers can purchase during disclosure or any time before closing.

Best yet, it's FREE to use.


Sellers Shield solves two unfairnesses:

eXp Testimonials

"I've been using Sellers Shield for several years and love it. It makes it easier for the sellers to understand the disclosure and walks them through step by step."

Jason Hall
Jason Hall Real Estate | eXp Realty North Carolina 

For me and my company, Seller Shield has been an absolute godsend. It's a helpful tool that speeds up the process of filling out disclosure forms and provides our clients with the confidence they need to sell their homes. The fact that Seller Shield is so user-friendly and offers so many tools for assisting clients in the selling process is fantastic. The fact that Seller Shield will defend our customers in court is a huge relief to us. All things considered, I think any real estate agent who wants to give their clients the best service possible should look into using Seller Shield.

Here are some of the ways in which Seller Shield has benefited my company: As a result, I was able to save both time and money in the disclosure process. It has helped me win over new customers by giving me something I could offer them that no other agent did.By boosting my clients' self-assurance, I've been able to close more deals. Knowing that my clients are secure in the courtroom has helped me rest easy.I strongly advise any real estate agent reading this to sign up for Seller Shield.

Brian Burds
Brian Burds Home Selling Team | eXp Realty Texas


Hundreds of thousands of agents and sellers use Sellers Shield™ nationwide.


with tools you already use:

Scott C. saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield

“My agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™ and
it was the best decision I made during the whole transaction.”

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Disclosure forms are legal documents

Let us help your clients address them
Free online disclosure process used by top agents across the country
Add on Home Sale Legal Protection™
Guidance for sellers through each step of their disclosures

What agents are saying:

I’ve been using Seller’s Shield for a long time. I love the program and how it protects my clients and gives them that peace of mind in the real estate transaction. Every agent should be utilizing this platform when helping complete the sellers disclosure and protect their clients.”

David S.

Process was quick and easy. Adds another level of risk precaution.”

Bill R.

Sellers Shield is an excellent source for sellers to complete an accurate disclosure. Very easy to follow and ensures a completed form. Highly recommend!”

Teresa T.

Great added benefit for my clients that gives peace of mind beyond closing, especially like that disclosures can be filled out electronically and you can monitor the coverage on the agent portal.

Laurie D.

Sellers Shield is amazing!  It is such a relief to have a tool that brings so much convenience to my clients and myself.  And very user friendly!”

Monica M.

Seller’s Shield not only provides an easy and simple way to fill out these required forms, but they also offer legal protection for sellers at a reasonable cost!”

Jolen B.

Common questions

If you don’t see the answer you need below, call us at (844)747-4435

Our tools and forms are 100% free to use for all of your clients. 

During disclosure, we give definitions, tips, and guidance throughout the form.  The disclosure form includes expandable fields, meaning that sellers can provide as much information as they would like without being limited by the space provided on the traditional handwritten forms or fillable PDFs. Sellers are also required to answer all questions, so that no questions are missed. Once the seller completes and signs, a custom formatted, legible, and fully completed PDF is emailed directly to the agent and home seller, and stored in their dashboard.

Depending on the state, addenda will either be automatically added based on the seller’s answers (ie. lead-based paint form) or the agent can choose which addenda are required.

Disclosure forms are legal documents and sellers commonly ask their agents how to answer questions on the forms. These questions put agents in a difficult situation legally, because they are not attorneys.  Our Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ guides sellers through disclosure, separating the agent from the disclosure, reducing agent liability. 

Additionally, purchasing or informing sellers of Home Sale Legal Protection™ fulfills fiduciary duty and proves the agent has provided the highest standard of care in the event of a claim.

You’ll be able to track all of your seller’s progress in your dashboard. Once your seller completes the disclosure process, you will receive an email with the completed PDF. You can also manage and download completed forms from within your dashboard.

The seller can access their forms in their dashboard anytime to edit and make changes.  If edits are made on a fully executed document, the seller(s) will have to resign and date.

Great! Your broker can reach out to our team at [email protected] and one of our account managers will get your brokerage set up.

When sellers get sued the agent and brokerage are almost always named in the lawsuit. Leading national insurance companies have endorsed Sellers Shield™ in their E&O policies, offering brokers and agents deductible waivers on claims where Sellers Shield is used. 

No, we do not sell personal information.

If Home Sale Legal Protection™ was purchased and there is a claim after the sale, Sellers Shield will appoint an expert, local real estate attorney to defend the seller against a buyer dispute. Sellers Shield™ will support the seller from start to finish and pay up to $20,000 in legal fees.

The protection activates on the day the home closes.

No.  Home Sale Legal Protection™ can only be purchased up until the closing of the sale.

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