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The Home Seller Disclosures Process Simplified!

Lawsuits are a headache. Our Smart Sellers Tools™ are a better, faster way to manage your sellers disclosure process while limiting your liability. And better yet, they're 100% free to use. You have enough on your plate. Leave the legal issues to us.

* Our Smart Seller Tools™ are 100% free to use.

Smart Sellers Tools™

Say goodbye to the paper clutter

Our easy-to-use interactive seller’s disclosure forms, instructional video, and legal tip sheet prevents your home sellers from making critical mistakes disclosing the condition of their home, stopping lawsuits before they happen. You can invite unlimited sellers to disclosure and track their progress for free using the Smart Seller Tools.

100% Free to Use.  What’s Stoping You?

Buyer disputes happen, often years after the sale. We prevent legal issues and can protect you and your seller if a claim is made.

Disclosure issues are the #1 cause of home sale lawsuits. Our Smart Seller ToolsTM provides a free interactive online disclosure process designed by legal experts to prevent lawsuits and limit agent liability.

Your Personal Dashboard

Stop hassling your clients for incomplete and illegible hand written forms.

Invite clients to disclose in one click, then we send them an access email and take it from there, saving time and limiting your liability. You can track the entire process and manage all your listings in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

  • Simple and intuitive platform
  • Easily invite an unlimited amount of clients
  • Monitor your client's progress in realtime
  • Receive instant notifications when forms are completed
  • Access and store fully complete and custom formatted PDFs

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Watch the video below to see how easy it is to get started.

It's Easy to Get Started

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Optional Peace of mind

Home Sale Legal Protection™

Problems in the home after closing can cause a costly buyer dispute. Sellers Shield™ protects home sellers with up to $20,000 paid legal representation, by experienced real estate attorneys, for claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale. 

Purchase a coverage plan for your seller or sellers can easily opt in themselves during the disclosure process and walk away safe from the biggest sale of their life.


Pricing options starting at as low as $199
*Pricing varies by state*

  • Provides free legal tools for all your sellers
  • Prevents lawsuits for you and your sellers and limits your liability
  • We protect sellers and agents against claims after the sale
  • Offers optional Home Sale Legal ProtectionTM for your sellers
  • Up to $20k in paid legal representation if a post-sale claim occurs

Lawsuit Prevention.

Peace of Mind After the Sale

A True Story

Nine Months after the sale of my clients first home a storm hit and the roof leaked.  The home buyer didn’t want to cover the damages, so they sent a demand letter to my seller, myself and my broker for damages.  As an Agent I am protected with E&O insurance, but my home seller was not! 

For Pennies on the dollar, why wouldn’t you protect yourself?  Lawsuits happen!  Be prepared and protect your sellers best interest.

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Common Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question below feel free to contact Sellers Shield from the contact form at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost to use the interactive disclosure form? 

It is forever free! Go to sign up now and create an account to invite sellers to disclose. You can choose to add your headshot and a personalize message throughout the seller experience by upgrading to a premium account for $9.99 a month.

How is the interactive disclosure form different than a fillable PDF form?
The Smart Sellers Tools gives definitions, tips, and warns the seller when they are answering a question that is a common problem for sellers. It also does not limit the amount of space a seller needs to disclose. Once the seller completes the form, the Smart Sellers Tools converts the sellers’ answers into a PDF that looks like the disclosure form.
What if my seller needs to attach an addendum?
The Smart Sellers Tools will attach any necessary addendums based on the answers on the disclosure form. 
How does this limit my risk and liability?

The Smart Sellers Tools separates you from the disclosure process, which limits your liability in the event of a claim. Purchasing or giving your sellers the option to purchase the Home Sale Legal Protection fulfills your fiduciary responsibility.

How will I know when my seller completes the disclosure form?

You’ll be able to track all of your seller’s process in your dashboard. Once your seller completes the disclosure process, you will receive an email notification stating the forms are complete. You can download completed forms from within your dashboard.

What if my seller needs to make a change?
It’s easy for them to go back into their dashboard and edit their forms. They (and any co-signers) will have to resign the updated form.
What if my whole brokerage wants to use the Smart Seller Tools?
Great! Your broker can reach out to our team and we will pre-create accounts for the whole brokerage.
What is the benefit to my broker?
Leading national insurance companies have endorsed Sellers Shield. Many offer brokers/agents deductible waivers on claims where Seller Shield is used.
Do you sell my seller’s information or pitch them additional products and services?
No. We do not sell you or your seller’s information and we do not sell other products and services. 
What happens if there is a claim made after the sale?
If you or the seller purchased Home Sale Legal Protection and there is a claim after the sale, the seller will contact our Customer Support team and they will walk them through the process and match them with a partner real estate attorney in their area. 
What if my seller or I have a problem or question using your Smart Seller Tools?
When you log into your account, you will be able to live chat with our customer support team Monday through Friday, 9am -5pm Central, or they can call our Customer Support team at 844-747-4435.

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