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Protect Your Sellers, Agents, & Business.

Our Smart Seller Tools™ and free interactive online disclosure process are designed by legal experts to prevent lawsuits, limit agent liability, and significantly cut broker legal and insurance costs.
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Not Just Tech

We’re your risk management partner

There are plenty of tech companies trying to digitize the transaction and replace real estate professionals. We want no part of that.
We’re founded by risk management experts and we have one goal: to stop home sale legal issues for sellers, agents, and brokers.
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Save Time

Quickly invite sellers and efficiently manage their disclosures.

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Stay Safe

Limit your liability and protect sellers.

Get More

Referrals, happy sellers, and rave reviews

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Work Easier

With dotloop, zipForms,, etc.

Lower Legal and Insurance Costs

Don't believe us, believe your E&O insurance carrier

Leading national insurance companies are stepping up with their own money to
endorse Sellers Shield’s protection, offering brokers/agents deductible waivers on claims where Sellers Shield is used.
These companies believe our product will prevent claims, limit agent liability, and lower legal costs…
all leading to better risk protection and lower premiums for your brokerage. It's a win-win for all involved.

Get your brokerage started in 3 easy steps

Account Setup

We'll set up dedicated accounts for each of your agents, just provide up-to-date agent info.

Spread The News

Let your team know they have access to our tools with a quick announcement or team email.

Team Webinar

Our knowledgeable customer success team will host a free training webinar for your brokerage.

Disclosures Done Better

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Schedule a demo of our FREE disclosure process to learn why we’re the gold standard! 

We're excited to help you save time, stay safe, and win more listings with our online disclosure forms and Home Sale Legal Protection™! Click the button below to get started:

Home Sale Legal Protection™

Don’t let a claim put a strain on your business and your sellers’ lives

We've seen it over and over. A home is sold and everyone has happily moved on. Fourteen months later, a storm hits and a roof leak causes extensive damage. The buyer is upset and files a claim against the seller and listing agent stating they knew about the problem and didn't disclose. They demand payment for repairs, punitive damages, attorney's fees, and even threaten to void the sale.

Our $20,000 promise

Up to $20,000 paid legal representation.

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Protection options

For claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale of the home.

home disclosure anytime

Sellers can easily opt-in

Available during disclosure or anytime before closing.

“Sellers Shield helped one of my clients on a post-closing issue. They responded quickly and got the problem solved for my seller. I recommend Sellers Shield on all my listings.”

Lauren Klemann-Cohen
Keller Williams Real Estate Agent
Pearland, TX

Sellers Shield partnerships & Integrations

We are proud to work with the top brokerages, associations, and software platforms across the country.

Disclosure forms are legal documents, so let us handle them.

We reduce risk during disclosures and offer your seller peace of mind after the sale.

Disclosure forms are legal documents, so let us handle them.

We reduce risk during disclosure and offer your seller peace of mind after the sale.

Common Questions

To launch a brokerage, we need a brokerage logo, and an up to date agent roster with first and last names, email addresses, license IDs and phone numbers. Access emails can be sent out within 48 hours of receiving the agent roster.
There is no cost to you the broker or your agents to use the Smart Seller Tools™, unless you would like to become a Premium broker. Agents also have the ability to upgrade their accounts individually for $9.99 a month. This allows for additional customization for your agents. For more information about becoming a Premium broker, click here to speak with one of our Product Specialists.
There is no cost for agents or sellers to complete the disclosure forms using the Smart Seller Tools ™. Agents and sellers will have the option to purchase Home Sale Legal Protection, but it is not required to purchase in order to complete the forms. Approximately 1 in 5 home sellers purchase the optional protection.

The only time you would sign a contract is if you would like to be a Premium broker, otherwise there is no financial commitment to launch your brokerage.

Agents that are under a Premium Brokerage will have the ability to include additional customization when sending the disclosure forms to their clients. This includes agent branding throughout the client experience with the option to upload agent headshot, customized disclosure invite messages, and  personalize agent welcome quote.

Sellers Shield sends an access email letting your agents know that you have partnered with Sellers Shield to be able to provide the Smart Seller Tools™ at no cost to their home sellers. Our Customer Support Team is also available from 9 am to 5 pm CST to assist with accessing their accounts or explain more about how to use their accounts.

Sellers Shield works with  a national firm called Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker.

Sellers Shield is partnered with Pearl, The Hartford, Travelers, and Landy/Great American Insurance Group. 

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