Brokers, Agents & Home Sellers

Brokers, Agents and Home Sellers

We simplify the home sale disclosure process and protect seller's against expensive post-sale lawsuits.

We are your risk Management partner

Sellers Shield is the Risk Management Partner to over 150 brokerages and 10,000+ agents and counting, with a combined 90+ years of real estate risk management experience.

Sellers Shield™ protects you against home sale lawsuits and allows you to walk away safe from the biggest sale of your life.

Sit back and let our online disclosure forms and Smart Seller Tools™ manage your seller’s disclosure process.


Manage all your agents and listings from our easy-to-use broker dashboard, while providing a fully branded experience for your agents.

As a realtor, this is an incredible product that I wish I had thought of first. I’m extremely pleased to have this protection on every transaction!

Samantha Stevens

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Smart Seller Tools™

Our interactive disclosure process helps prevent legal issues from happening while providing a more efficient way for sellers to disclose. And best yet, they're 100% free to use.

Seller Shields Smart Seller Tools™

Home Seller Benefits

  • Interactive Online Platform
  • Guidance from Real Legal Experts
  • Easy to Use Interface

Agent Benefits

  • Limit Your Liability and Risk
  • Invite an Unlimited Number of Sellers
  • Monitor Your Sellers Progress from Your Online Dashboard
  • Customized Agent Branding Available

Get Protected

Home Sale Legal Protection™

In the event of a claim, agents have E&O insurance, but sellers are on their own. With Home Sale Legal Protection™ Sellers Shield will appoint an experienced real estate attorney to defend the seller against a buyer dispute.

We Provide Sellers Peace of Mind for Pennies of the Sale

  • Protects home sellers with up to $20,000 paid legal representation
  • For claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale
  • Sellers can easily opt in during the disclosure process
  • Pricing options starting at as low as $199

Common Questions

Your protection takes effect after the close of your home. 

We can hold your order for Protection until your house does close or issue a refund.
Contact our customer support team as soon as you receive a demand letter. They will ask you to send a copy of the letter and connect you to one of our legal partners in your area.
No, in the event of a claim Sellers Shield will select and appoint an accredited attorney on the seller’s behalf.
Home Sale Legal Protection can NOT be purchased on new home construction, investment “flip” properties, and apartments.
Most standard homeowners and umbrella insurance policies do not protect home sellers in the event of a home sale lawsuit. 
Home problems and issues with disclosure are the most common causes. However, buyers can sue a seller for any reason, whether the claim is frivolous or not.

Sellers Shield Partner Program

Sellers Shield is proud to partner with the top brokerages and associations across the country

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