Selling Your Home?

Closing the sale isn't the finish line

The unfortunate reality is there’s risk before and well after the sale that can cause an expensive lawsuit from your buyer and turn your life upside down. Don’t worry, Sellers Shield has your back.

We Have Your Back

Home Sale Legal Protection™

We provide tools that prevent critical mistakes disclosing the condition of your home and protect you against buyer claims after the sale.

Smart Seller Tools
Easy to use online disclosure process designed to prevent lawsuits
Our $20,000 Promise

We protect home sellers with up to $20,000 paid legal representation

Your Protection

For claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale of your home

Something as common as a roof leak can cause a post-sale buyer dispute and turn your life upside down

We get it. You want to sell your home and move on. Unfortunately, we’ve seen thousands of home buyers sue the seller months to years after the sale of the home, regardless if they were at fault or not. When disputes happen, they get ugly, lengthy and could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Sellers Shield offers you peace of mind for pennies of the sale.

Real Disputes Between the Home Seller and Buyer

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We are your risk Management partner

Sellers Shield is on your side, backed by industry experts with a combined 90+ years of Real Estate Risk Management experience. 

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Home Sale Legal Protection™ Pricing

Homeowner’s and umbrella insurance won’t protect you against home sale legal claims. Our Home Sale Legal Protection™ allows you to walk away from the biggest sale of your life protected.

One Time Payment

1 Year Protection


Most Popular

One Time Payment

2 Year Protection


Best Value

One Time Payment

3 Year Protection


Pay at Closing Option

Choose between a 1, 2 or 3 year protection plan and have a one-time payment taken out of the proceeds of the sale at closing. 

Incredible tool for home sellers! I would not close a deal without it

Samantha Elliott Stevens

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Common Questions

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Home problems and issues with disclosure are the most common causes. However, buyers can sue a seller for any reason, whether the claim is frivolous or not.
Most standard homeowners and umbrella insurance policies do not protect home sellers in the event of a home sale lawsuit. 
Most claims happen months and sometimes years after the sale.
No.  We focus exclusively on preventing legal issues and protecting sellers from home sale lawsuits.

Your protection takes effect after the close of your home. 

We can hold your order for Protection until your house does close or issue a refund.
Contact our customer support team as soon as you receive a demand letter. They will ask you to send a copy of the letter and connect you to one of our legal partners in your area.
No, in the event of a claim Sellers Shield will select and appoint an accredited attorney on the seller’s behalf.
Home Sale Legal Protection can NOT be purchased on new home construction, investment “flip” properties, and apartments.

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