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Agents hate it when their clients are vulnerable
that’s why we created Sellers Shield™

With Home Sale Legal Protection™, you can be
confident your legal bases are covered.

Home Sale Legal Protection™ saves sellers from emotional and financial devastation

Scott C. Saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield™

“I never dreamed I would be served with legal papers in my driveway. Sellers Shield responded quickly, and within 5 minutes, I was at ease. Don’t even sign the contract until Sellers Shield is in place before closing.”
- Scott C, Protected by Sellers Shield

What is Home Sale Legal Protection™?

Home Sale Legal Protection™

If your buyer threatens legal action after the sale, for any reason,
don’t worry – we’ll handle it

After a buyer moves in, they start noticing flaws — like cracks in the foundation or damage from water leaks after a storm. They can get upset, blame you, and try to force you to pay for costly repairs – even if you accurately disclosed the condition of your home.

For less than the cost of a legal consultation, we appoint an experienced real estate litigator, support you from start to finish, AND pay all the legal bills.

It’s our $20,000.00 promise – no retainers, no deductibles, no questions asked

Specialized Attorneys

We retain a qualified real estate attorney in your area


Support you from start to finish

Cost Covered
AND pay your legal fees up to $20,000.00

Top agents recommend Sellers Shield to their clients. Here’s why:

Scott C. saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield

“My agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™ and it was the best decision I made during the whole transaction.”

Home Sellers LOVE Sellers Shield

Home Sellers LOVE

Sellers Shield

“Sellers Shield’s team gave us a sense of safety. Because what we are going through is a scary situation therefore we appreciate the quick response and the kind voice we heard on the other end of the phone.”

Johni Welch Protected Seller

“Throughout my Home Sale Legal Protection™ experience, I’ve enjoyed the high level of customer service as well as the quality of the legal defense provided.”

David Yeager Protected Seller

“I was sued after the sale of my home by the buyer claiming I had improperly disclosed structural repairs. I was left completely on my own. I wish I would have known of Sellers Shield.”

Brain Sbrocco Unprotected Seller

Remember to fill out your disclosure form!

Disclosure mistakes can get you in legal hot water.

Free online disclosure process used
by top agents across the country

The perfect complement to
Home Sale Legal Protection™

We guide you though each step
of the disclosure forms

We offer expert tips along the way

* not available in all states

home risk
Roof Leak1 of 7Construction Defects2 of 7Death on Property3 of 7Electrical Fault4 of 7Bug Infestation5 of 7Water Damage6 of 7Hazardous Chemicals7 of 7

We get it,
you want to sell your house and move on

Something as common as a roof leak can cause a post-sale dispute and turn your life upside down.

Home Sale Legal Protection™ protects sellers against ANY legal dispute from the buyer after the sale.

Our Story

A Mission to Protect Home Sellers

Agents can’t stand it when their clients are vulnerable – that’s why we created Sellers Shield. Our founders are legal and insurance experts, who over the past 20 years, have represented thousands of home sellers, real estate agents and brokers in home sale real estate lawsuits.

Most home sale lawsuits are caused by everyday issues in the home as well as by disclosure mistakes. And sellers are left completely on their own to defend themselves if they are sued.

We’ve seen how the stress and cost of a lawsuit impact sellers’ lives, often years after the sale; and how frustrating it is for top agents, who want their clients protected. We want to put a stop to it and give sellers the peace of mind they deserve.

“Even with accurate disclosures, buyers can still sue. That’s why we developed Home Sale Legal Protection™. In the event of a claim, we retain a qualified real estate litigator. We support the seller from start to finish and we pay for the legal fees.”

– Bo Blackburn, Sellers Shield Co-Founder

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