Forms Simplicity Now Partnered With Sellers Shield™!

It’s now easier than ever to use the Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ by Sellers Shield™. It reduces agent liability by guiding sellers through disclosures and empowering more accurate, 100% complete forms, every time.

How To Use Sellers Shield’s Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ with Form Simplicity:

  • Navigate to a Transaction/Property that is set to either “Listing” or “Listing and Purchase”
  • Click on “Invite Sellers to Complete Disclosures”
  • You’ll be redirected to Sellers Shield to sign up or login
  • “Invite Sellers to Complete Disclosures” will automatically log users in to Sellers Shield

You will have to click on Enable Integration and authorize the connection between Form Simplicity and Sellers Shield the first time you use it.


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