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Lawsuits are on the rise and agents don’t want their sellers to be vulnerable.

That’s why we created Sellers Shield. We helped home sellers

resolve 94% of disputes before they escalated to suits.


Home sellers are the only ones in a real estate
transaction without protection.

“Brokers, agents, inspectors, title, and appraisal companies have insurance but

home sellers are left out in the cold. This is unfair.”

Bo-Blackburn, COO, Co-Founder, and Real Estate Attorney

“If your buyer threatens legal action after the sale for any reason, don’t worry – we’ll handle it.”

– Jeff Daily, CEO, and Co-Founder

We protect sellers through

Home sale legal protection™

At the first sign of trouble, even just a verbal threat from the buyer, we immediately:
Hire a local, expert
real estate attorney
Support you from
start to finish
Pay up to $20,000
for legal fees
It costs less than a 1-hour legal consultation.

We’ve helped sellers resolve 94% of disputes
BEFORE they escalated into lawsuits

[ Civil lawsuits increased 58% since last year. ]

home sale legal protection™

Protects you against any post-sale legal dispute from the buyer.

Scott C. saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield

“My agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™ and
it was the best decision I made during the whole transaction.”

[ Most claims stem from disclosure issues. ]

No Home is perfect.

Something as common as a roof leak can cause a buyer dispute
and turn your life upside down:

What people are saying:

August 30, 2022

Sellers Shield is an excellent source for sellers to complete an accurate disclosure. Very easy to follow and ensures a completed form. Highly recommend!”

Teresa T.
July 19, 2019

Highly recommend to anyone selling a home!”

Lydia M.
August 30, 2022

The easiest process ever for a somewhat complicated procedure for sellers.”

Terrance V.
August 10, 2020

Process was quick and easy.  Adds another level of risk precaution.”

Bill R.
August 13, 2022

Seller’s Shield not only provides an easy and simple way to fill out these required forms, but they also offer legal protection for sellers at a reasonable cost!”

Jolen B.
March 13, 2021

Protecting my sellers is my #1 priority! SELLER SHIELD helps me do this!  And it’s so simple to use!”

Nancy M.

Common questions

At the first sign of trouble, even just a verbal threat, call Sellers Shield at 844-747-4435 or email [email protected]. We’ll support you from start to finish, hire your expert real estate attorney, and pay up to $20,000 in legal fees.

Your Home Sale Legal Protection™ plan takes effect the day your house closes.

No, Home Sale Legal Protection™ must be purchased before the sale of the home.

No, we do not sell personal information.

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