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Hiring an Attorney is Hard

Have you ever tried to hire an attorney? If you haven’t, just envision the process of engaging any service provider… not just an attorney. You embark on research, collect quotes, and invest substantial time on calls, striving to ascertain their

Change to Seller’s Disclosure Notice in Texas (August 2023)

During the Texas Legislature, state agencies are mandated to require the disclosure of natural gas piping, in the Seller’s Disclosure Notice (TXR 1406) effective September 1, 2023. Sellers Shield’s disclosure process has been updated to reflect this change. Sellers can

Agent Interview: Vincent Cyr

Introduction In the fast-paced world of real estate, sellers face numerous challenges when it comes to disclosing property information accurately. However, one real estate agent, Vincent, from the suburbs of Southwest Philly and Northern Delaware, has found a solution to

Seller Interview: Scott was sued for $200,000

During the summer of 2017, Scott put his home on the market in San Antonio, Texas.  His agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™, and Scott purchased the two year plan online. He never thought he would be served a lawsuit

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