avoid being dragged into a lawsuit

Mediations and lawsuits are on the rise. Our Home Sale Legal Protection™ and Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ protects your clients and keeps you and your agents out of the courtroom.

There is no cost to brokers and agents.


Sellers Shield solves two unfairnesses:

How does it work?

Your risk starts with disclosure and ends with Home Sale Legal Protection™


Agents invite sellers to disclose in 90 seconds or less. It’s the same forms that you already use, but it features:


At the first sign of trouble, even just a verbal threat from the buyer, sellers notify us and we immediately:

Sellers can purchase during disclosure or any time before closing.

[ We've helped sellers resolve the vast majority of disputes BEFORE escalating to a lawsuit or mediation. You can't get dragged into a dispute that doesn't exist. ]


when you use Sellers Shield™

These companies are stepping up with their own money to encourage you to use Sellers Shield. They believe our product will prevent claims and limit agent liability, all leading to lower premiums, deductibles, and legal costs for your brokerage.

[ We've protected hundreds of thousands of agents and home sellers nationwide. ]



with tools you already use:

Scott C. saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield

“My agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™ and
it was the best decision I made during the whole transaction.”

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“We were founded by risk management experts to stop legal claims from occurring in the first place and to stop them from escalating to lawsuits if they do occur. We are here to protect home sellers, agents, and brokers.”
Bo Blackburn

COO, Co-founder, real estate attorney

What people are saying:

I love Sellers Shield. They make it easy for clients to fill out the complicated sellers disclosures… Worth every penny. Gives the clients extra peace of mind knowing they are disclosing everything and reducing their liability.”

Susan A.

Real estate agent

Love this service, makes this process so much easier for the client and provides an actual legible document for potential buyers to be able to read.

Nicole W.

Real estate agent

“Sellers Shield is such a great tool for completing the required disclosures that sellers have to complete when selling a home. As a Realtor, it makes my life much easier since I can’t help my clients with it. They are given clear instructions and are guided through the document. The responses are legible and each field is complete.”

Barbara S.


This company helps real estate agents provide excellent service to their sellers. This is the easiest way to protect your client from future lawsuits. It really gives the sellers peace of mind when getting ready to list.

Chandni M.


Amazing experience with Sellers Shield, highly add-value service helping avoid legal exposure to sellers, protecting your clients!

Konrad M.

Real estate agent

I really like this program. It is an easy format for sellers to use and the legal protection is a very nice option.”

Marty G.

Real estate agent

Common questions

If you don’t see the answer you need below, call us at (844)747-4435

To get started contact us at [email protected]. We will need your logo and your agent roster with with first and last names, email addresses, license IDs and phone numbers. Access emails can be sent out within 48 hours of receiving the agent roster.

There is no cost to you or your agents to use our Gold Standard Disclosure Process™. ggle Content

There is no cost for agents or sellers to complete the disclosure forms. Agents and sellers will have the option to purchase Home Sale Legal Protection, but it is not required in order to complete the forms. Approximately 1 in 4 home sellers purchase the optional protection.

Sellers Shield™ works with many attorneys across the nation. We take out the pain and trouble of finding an expert in real estate law in your client’s area who also does not have a conflict of interest.

Sellers Shield™ is partnered with Pearl, The Hartford, Travelers, and Landy/Great American Insurance Group. To get more information on how Sellers Shield can be a cost-savings, contact us at [email protected].

95% of disputes/claims stem from disclosure issues.

We’ve helped home sellers resolved 94% of their disputes/claims before they’ve escalated to mediation/lawsuit.  So, brokers & agents cannot be drawn into the claims that have been resolved.

It helps prove that you did not fill out the disclosure so you cannot be held liable for mistakes or omission on it.

We have an interactive disclosure platform.  It is the same form you use.  It works a lot like Turbo Tax.  It provides examples, tips, definitions, guidance, expandable fields and requires the disclosure is fully complete & signed.  More accurate and complete disclosures reduce disputes as disclosure mistakes are the main cause of disputes.

It is the same form you use; however, it is interactive and has special features.  It works a lot like Turbo Tax.  It provides examples, tips, definitions, guidance, expandable fields and requires the disclosure to be fully complete & signed.  More accurate and complete disclosures reduce disputes as disclosure mistakes are the main cause of disputes.

It saves you time as it answers most questions that your sellers would ask you.  Also, it results in complete, fully signed and a neat disclosure so no more chasing clients for missing or ineligible information.

There is NO cost to agents or sellers to use our Disclosure Forms.  Also, the protection is purchased by home sellers, so there is no cost to you.  Sellers are given the option to purchase our protection, but it is not required to use our Disclosure Forms, which are always free.

However, many agents purchase this protection for their clients as it protects themselves, and increases customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat business.  Some even use it to win listings.  We have a special program for Brokers/Agents for this _____________

We hire the seller a local, qualified real estate attorney.  Handle their dispute from start to finish & provide up to $20,000 to pay for their legal fees.  Having someone on their side gives them peace of mind.  It also enables agents to pass on any problem to us.

No retainers, no deductibles, no questions asked.

On average, we’ve helped our clients resolve their disputes for 6% of what buyers stated in their initial demand letters.

Pricing varies by state, by payment terms, and by program selected.  Our most popular program is Pay Now for 2-year coverage, from the close of the transaction.  It cost home sellers less than a 1-hour legal consultation.  Currently, it is $249.00 in most states, $349.00 in California.* (Pricing subject to change)  Link for more payment and program options.

Please note that coverage starts on the date the transaction is closed so clients get the full time of the coverage even if they paid for it in advance.  Also, Home Sale Legal Protection cannot be purchased after the close of the transaction.

We do have a special deal for agents.  It is for 1-year of coverage, home sellers only have 2-year or above options.  It is currently priced a $199.00, $299.00 in CA, for agents.  Pricing subject to change.  Sellers can upgrade the length of the coverage if they wish but contacting us at (844) 747-4435

Our protection is considered a service and not a monetary gift, so you are allowed to provide it to your clients.

Home Sales Legal Protection takes effect the day the sales transaction closes.  It covers the period purchased from this date.  Any dispute/claim, or lawsuit, is covered as long as this dispute/claim, or lawsuit, is initiated before the expiration date regardless of the time it takes to resolve the claim/dispute or lawsuit.

Home Sale Legal Protection can only be purchased before the sale is closed, or at the closing of the sale, but not after the sales transaction is closed.

They are provided the option to purchase protection when they start to complete our disclosure form that you send them.  The disclosure platform is free to use.  Purchase of the protection is not required.  Home sellers are given the opportunity to buy protection twice within the disclosure process.  We do not call or email home sellers.

Yes.  Not everyone wants to use our online tool/disclosure form, but they can still get protection using our paper form, see attached, or we can invoice them or you, for them, via an email.

Our process is simple.  

  1. We need an up-to-date agent roster with first & last names, email addresses, license ID’s and phone numbers.  This lets us set up their accounts under your name and it enables us to contact them to activate their account. 
  2. We help you announce that we teamed up together and schedule a training workshop.
  3. We send an access email to help agents activate their account and we execute the training

Set up 10-minute demo and CONTACT US.

As soon as we know of a problem of any kind, we can hire them a local, qualified real estate attorney and work to stop the problem from escalating.

If your seller contacts you with a problem, please refer them to us.

Contact Number: 

Contact Email: 

We encourage, and please encourage your clients, to contact us right away if there is any sign of trouble – a problem, a dispute, or a claim.  The sooner we know the better we can help.  If they’re situation has escalated to a demand letter, a mediation, or a lawsuit, and we are not working on the issue already, they should contact us immediately.

Our protection only covers the legal fees connected to the dispute/claim.  It does not cover the resolved amount with the buyer or the judgement amount.  In addition to us paying up to $20,000.00 to cover legal fees, we hire the local, qualified real estate attorney and handle the case from start to finish.

We are not as we do not cover the amount agreed to resolve a dispute or the judgement.  We focus on paying sellers legal fees for the process, hiring a local qualified real estate attorney for them and handling their cast from start to finish.  We’ve helped our clients resolve 94% of their claims before they’ve escalated to the mediation or lawsuit stage and, on average, we have helped our client resolve their disputes for 6% of the amount stated in their demand letters.  Also, our disclosure platform is the Good Standard for disclosures, and it helps prevent claims in the first place.

The name and signature just need to match the property owner as it’s listed on the title.  Example: Name on Title = Shield LLC.  The LLC is owned or managed by Sam Seller.

Sign = Sam Seller for Shield LLC.

You are able to track all of your seller’s progress in your dashboard.  Once you seller completes the disclosure you will receive and email with the completed pdf.  You can also mange and download completed forms from within your dashboard.

Depending on the state, addenda will either be automatically added based on a seller’s answers, i.e., lead based paint form, or the agent can choose which addenda are required.

The seller can access their forms in their dashboard anytime to edit and make changes.  If edits are made on a fully executed document the seller(s) will have to resign and date.

No.  We do not sell personal information.

You, or your seller, can live chat with our customer support team Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm CST or you, or your seller, can call or email anytime.  Email us at [email protected] or call 844-747-4435.

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