Home sale mediations and lawsuits are on the rise

Don’t worry, we’ve helped resolve the vast majority of disputes BEFORE escalating to a lawsuit or mediation, keeping sellers and their agents out of the courtroom.

[ Our mission is to protect sellers, agents, and
brokers from home sale mediations and lawsuits.]

Home Sellers

Protect yourself from lawsuits. Prevent disclosure errors.


Reduce your liability by using our disclosure platform. Protect your sellers and yourself from lawsuits.


Protect your business from lawsuits.
Cut legal and insurance costs.

Home sellers do not have protection

Agents and brokers can be dragged into the legal battle too.

Home sale LEgal protection™

Helps protect sellers against any post-sale disputes.
At the first sign of trouble, we:

It costs sellers less than a 1-hour legal consultation

gold standard disclosure process™

We guide sellers through disclosure,
preventing mistakes and reducing liability.

Agents can give their sellers access for FREE

About Us

Our founders are legal experts who’ve spent 25 years representing thousands of sellers, real estate agents, and brokers in home sale lawsuits.

“We were created to solve two unfair issues. First, home sellers are the only ones without protection. Brokers, agents, inspectors, title, mortgage, and warranty companies – they all have insurance. But sellers are left out in the cold. Second, if a seller gets sued, so does their agent and broker, even if they did nothing wrong.”

– Bo Blackburn, COO and Co-Founder of Sellers Shield

home sale legal protection™

Saves sellers from emotional and financial stress.

Scott C. saved $19,801.00 by using Sellers Shield

“I never dreamed I would be served with legal papers in my driveway.
Sellers Shield responded quickly, and within 5 minutes I was at ease.
Don’t even sign the contract unless Sellers Shield is in place before closing.”

As Seen on

Excellent product! Everyone should use it.”

Bill C.


Sellers Shield makes it so easy for our clients to use the correct Sellers’ Disclosure Notice form and complete this long document accurately. We can all relax with the optional protection plans they offer, and the ease of form completion that Sellers Shield offers.”

Ruth G.


Easy to use for my clients. Neat, clean, and professional.”

Bill R.

Real estate agent

What people are saying:

As a Realtor, we’re used to seeing typos, missed lines and sections, or incorrect info. The way the disclosures are filled out, almost all of those usual mistakes are caught before it gets to us.”

Jolen B.

Real estate agent

Seller Shield makes it easy and streamlined to provide my clients with a step-by-step process to complete the Sellers Disclosure, one of the most important documents in the listing process… The extra bonus of legal coverage is a very nice perk for the sellers that want to secure some protection.”

Noelle S.


It’s a great benefit for my sellers in two ways. It’s an efficient way to fill out a difficult form and the option for insurance is a no brainer.”

Lela N.


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