In the fast-paced world of real estate, sellers face numerous challenges when it comes to disclosing property information accurately. However, one real estate agent, Vincent, from the suburbs of Southwest Philly and Northern Delaware, has found a solution to this problem. 

Vincent, along with his wife and son, operates under Keller Williams Brandywine Valley and has incorporated Sellers Shield into their business practices. Sellers Shield, from Vincent’s perspective, ensures comprehensive and legally compliant disclosures, and has proven to be a valuable tool for Vincent and his clients. 

In this blog post, we will explore Vincent’s journey and how Sellers Shield has become an integral part of their real estate operations.

The Beginning

Vincent’s wife, a licensed professional since 2009, initially started her real estate career by selling properties and providing consulting services and he had his own company. Eventually, he sold his company and his wife became a manager of an office. However, due to restrictions placed on managers regarding selling properties, she faced a dilemma. Vincent stepped in to take over her business to prevent any loss of clients, and they have been working together ever since.

Discovery of Sellers Shield

Vincent heard about Sellers Shield before joining the brokerage and quickly realized the benefits of it. He witnessed the frustration with poorly filled out sellers disclosures from his buy-side clients. Handwritten forms with blanks where information should have been provided made it challenging to decipher crucial details. Recognizing the importance of accurate disclosures, Vincent decided to ensure his sellers had access to a reliable disclosure form.

Benefits and Value Addition

Vincent believes it is his responsibility as an agent to ensure both sellers and buyers have a complete understanding of property disclosures. By incorporating Sellers Shield into his listings, Vincent is giving his clients a better disclosure experience. With Sellers Shield’s Gold Standard Disclosure Process, he is reducing his risk and liability, and he is providing his clients with $20,000 of legal protection after the sale. Even if a problem arises post-sale that may be related to disclosure, Sellers Shield helps protect his clients. 

Incorporating Sellers Shield into the Process

Vincent seamlessly integrates Sellers Shield into his workflow when acquiring new clients. He informs sellers that as part of his service, he provides his clients $20,000 in post-sale legal protection for up to a year after closing. He believes that this helps give them peace of mind in making one of the biggest transactions in their life. 

Once he receives the listing documents and prepares the property for market, he logs into Sellers Shield where he can invite his sellers to use Sellers Shield’s Gold Standard Disclosure Process for completing their disclosure form. 

He appreciates that he no longer has to answer questions regarding the seller’s property or the disclosure form. The disclosure form is a legal document and an agent could be held liable for helping their seller’s fill out the form. 

Protecting Clients and Agents

Vincent emphasizes the importance of proactive protection for sellers, agents, and the brokerage. He acknowledges that many clients underestimate the potential risks involved and assume problems won’t happen to them. However, with Sellers Shield, Vincent provides his clients with Home Sale Legal Protection. In the event of any post-sale dispute, all Vincent’s clients have to do is call Sellers Shield, and they will provide an expert, residential real estate attorney and will cover up the $20,000 of their legal fees.

A Story of Protection

Most people think they sell their house, they move out, and then move on with their lives … but that was not the case for one of Vincent’s clients. 

Six months after closing, Vincent’s client received a letter from an attorney regarding a water leakage issue that was allegedly a disclosure problem. Vincent’s client immediately contacted Sellers Shield, initiating the process to take care of his client.

Shortly after, Vincent’s client received a call from an attorney in Philadelphia, who contacted the buyer’s attorney. The buyer’s attorney backed off upon realizing Vincent’s client had robust representation and wasn’t going to be pushed over easily. The letter turned out to be illegitimate, and Sellers Shield’s proactive approach saved Vincent’s client from unnecessary legal trouble.

After four years of using Sellers Shield™ to protect his clients … even with his efforts, one of his clients was served.

Advocating for Other Agents to Use Sellers Shield

Vincent enthusiastically recommends Sellers Shield to other agents. He actively participates in real estate Facebook groups, sharing his positive experiences. Vincent appreciates the clarity that Sellers Shield brings to the disclosure process, saving him time by prompting sellers to fill out their disclosure form. By utilizing Sellers Shield, Vincent feels empowered, knowing that he can protect sellers and his business.

As an agent, he wants what's best for his clients. Vincent goes the extra mile to help protect his clients.


Vincent’s journey demonstrates the tremendous benefits of integrating Sellers Shield into the real estate transaction. Sellers Shield’s Gold Standard Disclosure Process ensures that the disclosure is filled out and signed and Home Sale Legal Protection gives Vincent’s clients, and his business, peace of mind. 

Sellers Shield has become an essential tool for Vincent and his family, enabling them to go above and beyond for their clients while standing strong against potential legal challenges. As more agents embrace innovative solutions like Sellers Shield, the real estate industry becomes better equipped to provide transparency and security in every transaction.

See how frustrating it can be to deal with a post-sale dispute.


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