We recently had an interview with Cincinnati, Ohio-based agent Allyson Osborne from Comey & Shepherd Realty. She talked with us about how she got started in real estate, her success with Sellers Shield™, and the advantages that we offer her clients.

What is Ally’s Story?

Ally is a new real estate agent on the market with much passion. After both buying and selling her own home, she decided to pursue real estate. It gives her more freedom and Ally loves what she does! 

One of Ally’s first sellers had to move out of state quickly, and the buyers were also eager to move in. It seemed like smooth sailing until six months after they closed. That’s when the sellers of this older home were threatened by the buyers with a lawsuit because of a crack in the basement floor, which they had disclosed. 

With one phone call, Ally and her clients took advantage of Sellers Shield’s legal protection. The seller filled out the disclosure form correctly and completely using Sellers Shield’s Gold Standard Disclosure Process™. Despite taking the right actions, they were still the target of lawsuits and accused of disclosure fraud. 

The seller disclosed the basement’s crack, the repairs made to it, and confirmed that there had been no water intrusions since. Since it was a very hot market at the time, the buyer decided against having the inspection done.  The crack was obvious, but the latent defect didn’t seem to be a big deal at the time. 

The buyers asserted legal action because they believed that they had been misled about the severity of the crack and claimed that water was entering through it. The seller was understandably confused and irritated by this assumption because they believed the problem had been resolved. That’s when Ally Reminded the seller that they had Home Sale Legal Protection™. They immediately called Sellers Shield™, and their tension was diminished. 

Resolved with Ease!

 Soon after, they received a call from their Sellers Shield™ appointed, experienced, residential real estate attorney. He discussed their options, explained that Sellers Shield™ will pay for up to $20,000 of his fees, and discussed the dispute’s next steps. Evidently, the conflict was resolved through a few phone calls, and the lawyer was able to settle the matter without resorting to outside litigation. 

Stories similar to that of Ally and her clients are frequently reported. The protection shifts control to the seller, ultimately defending the brokerage as well as the agents. Agents like Ally include Seller’s Shield™ in their listing presentation. It’s super easy for an agent to get started with Sellers Shield. Just create an account to use our Gold Standard Disclosure Process™. It’s completely free to use on all your listings. 

"Sellers Shield is a company that creates a really seamless, easy process for them to fill out their form electronically, but then also offers them legal protection against any lawsuits that may come."

"He just sent me the link, and I created the account. I go online, fill in my clients email, select what forms and it just sends it out… I was able to figure it out. It was very intuitive."

How can you protect yourself? 

 For clients looking to sell, the price of protection is a no-brainer, given the large amount of coverage it offers. Sellers now have the chance to easily and accurately complete disclosure paperwork with our Gold Standard Disclosure Process™ that is free to use providing sellers with:

  • Room to write detailed responses
  • Examples, tip and definitions, often reducing questions for agents
  • 100% complete and signed forms, every time

 Even when properly completed, lawsuits frequently begin with the property disclosure form. We’ve helped our home sellers resolve 94% of post sale claims before they escalate. This is your opportunity as a seller to get yourself protected with Sellers Shield’s Home sale Legal Protection™, we will:

  • Immediately hire a qualified real estate attorney
  • Provide direct support from start to finish
  • AND pay up to $20,000 in legal fees

Your sellers will have the option to purchase Home Sale Legal Protection, or they can simply say, “No Thanks.” Agents can also purchase for their sellers. If you are interested in purchasing for all your clients, or have more questions about Sellers Shield, reach out to [email protected] 

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