Have you ever tried to hire an attorney?

If you haven’t, just envision the process of engaging any service provider… not just an attorney. You embark on research, collect quotes, and invest substantial time on calls, striving to ascertain their suitability for your specific needs and timeline.

Yet, securing the services of a residential real estate attorney proves even more arduous. Imagine yourself in the seller’s shoes: already grappling with buyer disputes, you additionally confront challenges such as:

  • Navigating through attorney categories to find the right match
  • Initiating conversations with gatekeepers
  • Worrying about potential conflicts of interest… or going through all the work to find out days later that the attorney cannot work with you because they have a conflict of interest
  • Deciphering perplexing retainers and fee structures
  • Subjecting yourself to their limited availability

This ordeal can stretch for days, if not weeks.

It can take days to weeks to hire an attorney.

Enter Sellers Shield’s Home Sale Legal Protection™ – a solution that eliminates these hassles by swiftly procuring and onboarding an attorney in under 48 hours, often even faster!

Advocating for Home Sale Legal Protection

Your clients can purchase Home Sale Legal Protection™ while filling out their form or anytime before closing. Home Sale Legal Protection™ stops disputes before they escalate. At the first sign of trouble, even just a verbal threat from the buyer, sellers notify us and we immediately:

  • Hire sellers a local, expert real estate attorney
  • Support sellers from start to finish
  • Pay $30,000 – $75,000 of their legal fees

Best yet, it cost less than a 1-hour legal consultation. 

Real estate professionals have business insurance (E&O) that protects them from claims. Buyers get title insurance which protects them from title claims made agains the property.

Home sellers are the only party not protected when legal problems occur after the sale. 

Home sale disputes are up over 58%. Just offering Sellers Shield’s Home Sale Legal Protection™ is a great way to give your clients peace of mind and for agents to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility. 


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