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Sellers Shield™ has launched in Missouri

The industry leader of online disclosures, Sellers Shield™, now supports Missouri

Sellers Shield™ Now Supports Missouri Real Estate Agents

Sellers Shield™ is the leader in risk-management and software solutions for the real estate industry. Missouri real estate agents and brokers now have access to a free, online platform which walks home sellers through the seller’s disclosure form. This easy-to-use online tool is state-approved and endorsed by Missouri REALTORS®.

Free For Missouri REALTORS®

Sellers Shield™ has partnered with Missouri REALTORS® to speed up the traditionally tedious process of filling out property disclosure forms. We allow agents to quickly send state-approved disclosure forms to their clients, monitor client progress, and access the electronically-signed versions of the documents.

The recent growth in real estate in Missouri has been impressive, so we couldn't be happier to partner with Missouri REALTORS® to offer our online disclosure solution to its membership. We've expanded from coast-to-coast, becoming the standard in disclosure and legal protection. Adding Missouri to our platform is a key milestone to our success.

Without Sellers Shield™ Real Estate Agents Have High Liability

Real estate agents have been stuck offering a poor client experience with fillable PDFs or printed papers to be completed by hand when it comes to disclosure forms. These traditional offerings do not provide the space to adequately describe home history, nor do they provide any guidance and support to the seller when questions arise.

Additionally, these options have left brokerages and agents vulnerable to liability risks. What was once the norm, sitting at the kitchen table with your client as they complete the form, is actually a legal liability. Agents are driven to provide excellent experiences for their clients, and not being able to answer their questions does not always come naturally. Sellers Shield™ offers solutions to all of these problems — a faster and easier digital form, reduction of liability risk, and guidance for sellers.

Our Online Seller's Disclosure Forms Are Incredibly Convenient

Rather than getting mired in the details of signatures, faxes and attachments, Sellers Shield™ helps agents to automate the process. We provide clear guidance to sellers so agents meet their fiduciary duty. Agents’ time and expertise can then be spent on other tasks.

Our agent dashboard enables real estate agents to send the appropriate, state-approved disclosure forms to their clients within seconds. We know agents are busy, so ease and efficiency has been at the forefront of our product.


Within 60 seconds of an agent sending an invite, the seller receives an email providing a direct link to their state-approved forms.

Invite Seller Demonstration

Brokers Save Money With Sellers Shield™

Insurance companies recommend using Sellers Shield™ because they know we prevent lawsuits from happening. And if a lawsuit does occur, they have a much clearer legal defense – we help agents meet their fiduciary duty, and we reduce agent liability by creating distance between agents and the disclosure forms.

Brokerages love partnering with Sellers Shield™ because we save them money. Fewer lawsuits mean lower premiums. And insurance companies believe in us so much that they will offer deductible waivers to our partner brokerages in the event of a claim.

We Protect Sellers From Lawsuits Using Two Approaches

    1. Smart Seller Tools™ prevents lawsuits. We educate sellers on the importance of the legality of the documents, and provide tips & resources to accurately complete the forms.
    2. Home Sale Legal Protection™ is our $20,000 promise. If a seller is sued, they don’t need to sweat the details. We’ve got their back with our one-stop, worry-free, legal protection that costs less than a 1 hour legal consultation.

Sellers Shield™ Has All of the State-Approved, Missouri Disclosure Forms

  • DSC-2000 – Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards
  • DSC-5000 – Disclosure of Information Regarding Methamphetamine/Controlled Substances
  • DSC-6000 – Disclosure of Information Regarding Waste Disposal Site or Demolition Landfill
  • DSC-8000 – Seller’s Disclosure Statement for Residential Property
  • DSC-8000A – Water Well/Septic System Disclosure Rider
  • DSC-8000B – Lakes & Ponds/Waterfront Property Disclosure Rider
  • DSC-8000C – Condo/Co-op/Shared Cost Development Disclosure Rider
  • DSC-8000D – Pool/Hot Tub Disclosure Rider

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