Pool turned “Green” a Week after Closing

Threatening To Sue Because The Pool Turned "Green" A Week After Closing and A Leak In The Sunroom We Didn't Disclose

The whole situation was has been very stressful. I think timelines here are important to get out front.

Closing was originally October 7th, but the buyer could not close on the 7th. Two weeks before closing the buyer was going to back out unless we moved the date to November 1st. My wife and I agreed and moved the close date back. We already committed to move out of state and had my brother take care of the house, pool, & yard.

October 27th

Buyer and Agent decide they want to do their final walkthrough

This was unusually early in our real estate agent’s opinion, but we agreed. They weren’t happy that the pool was ‘foggy’ due to the shock/chlorine we had just put in the night before.

October 27th

October 31st

2nd Final Walkthrough to check everything again with the house empty this time

The buyers complained the pool was foggy again. My brother put 2 lbs of shock into the pool hours before they showed up. I again had to explain to my realtor that we were just keeping the pool clean.

October 31st

November 1st

House Closes
November 1st

November 8th

Our realtor tells us they are going to sue us for the pool and sun room leak

We were shocked to hear there was a leak in the sunroom. We sat in the sunroom almost every day and never noticed any problems.

November 8th

November 11th

The buyer’s realtor contacts us with a 24 hour notice to respond or they will sue

We immediately call the buyer’s agent and asked to speak with the buyer about this. We had already moved hours away and were just ready to move forward.

November 11th

Peace of Mind
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