June 2024

Upgraded Dashboard

Your Sellers Shield account got a makeover! 

We have upgraded your dashboard so it’s easy to find, filter, and check the status of disclosure invites. 

We have also added a resource center and so it’s easy to find answers quickly.

Picture of Agent Dashboard
Sellers Shield agent invite seller to disclose

Text Your Sellers & Mobile Improvements

In addition to sending your seller an email invitation to start their disclosure, you can now text your seller the invite notification as well.

Additionally, we have made other mobile updates to improve the experience for those who prefer to send and complete their disclosure forms on their phone.

We know agents are busy and always on the go, so we are planning other ways to improve the mobile experience for agents and sellers.

New Premium Features

With Sellers Shield Premium you can customize your sellers experience with additional features.

  • Upload your headshot.
  • Link to your social profiles and website.
  • Display your brokerage or personal branding.
  • Add custom messages to your sellers throughout the disclosure process.
  • $9.99 / month
  • $110 / Annually (save 10%)

More Form Tools

Our legal experts have added more tools and definitions to help your sellers during the disclosure process. 

Multi-State Functionality

You no longer need a Sellers Shield account for each state you list homes in. 

It’s easy to add additional state license to your account to access additional state forms. 

A list of forms can be found here.

Signature Verification

We know all parties involved in the real estate transaction place immense value on the authenticity and integrity of their signed documents. Digital signatures serve as the electronic equivalent of a fingerprint or coded message, offering a reliable means to establish trust in the documents.

Our eSignature has always been secure, but many sellers and agents have asked for signature verification. Recognizing the imperative for a trustworthy signature verification solution, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new professional feature designed to meet this need.

Sellers and agents will now have the option to download a signature verification with their completed forms.

What makes Sellers Shield's eSignature Secure

Sellers Shield’s eSignature is in compliance with the E-Sign Act, which requires the signer’s consent to sign online, and historical records of every instance the documents were signed. 

Sellers are identified on their signature via a transaction number which is unique to each individual seller, name and email provided by the seller, and via a third party, their agent who also has a unique id, and license number. We also track all the actions taken on the platform to further validate the e-signature.

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Did You Know?

Agents spend $1B annually on E&O. Why? Because they almost always get dragged into disputes. And, sellers are completely on their own.

That's why we are so proud to offer Home Sale Legal Protection. 1 in 3 sellers choose to get protected. Which is good because claims are unfortunately on the rise.

So put in a good word for us! We appreciate you!


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