During the summer of 2017, Scott put his home on the market in San Antonio, Texas. 

His agent recommended Home Sale Legal Protection™, and Scott purchased the two year plan online. He never thought he would be served a lawsuit in his driveway two years later. 

In the demand letter, the buyer sought $200,000 compensation for repairs, which included a laundry list of issues, such as the roof and skylights leaks, HVAC system issues, and landscape grading. 

Scott never anticipated being confronted with this nearly two years after the closing of the property. After obtaining the lawsuit, Scott was baffled because he believed that the requested amount of money for repairs was absurdly high. Such lawsuits can put you in a tough monetary position.

The lawsuit was delivered precisely one year and eleven months after closing, just in time for him to utilize his two year Home Sale Legal Protection™. Scott was understandably confused by these circumstances, but immediately called Sellers Shield.

"Within five minutes of the phone call, I was put at ease."

 After he contacted Sellers Shield™, we were able to do all the work for him; we engaged one of our expert real estate attorneys to jump on the case.

Sellers Shield™ resolves 94% of disputes BEFORE escalating to a lawsuit or mediation. Unfortunately for Scott, the buyers hired an attorney before reaching out to Scott or his agent. They were ready to fight, no matter how long or how much it cost. 

Scott’s attorney worked on the case for 15 months and Sellers Shield paid $20,000 in legal fees. 

By purchasing Home Sale Legal Protection™, Scott saved $19,801 in legal fees he would have otherwise had to pay himself. Sellers Shield™ offers the following:

  • We save your sellers the pain of finding and engaging an experienced real estate attorney. (Watch below to see how frustrating it can be to hire an attorney)
  • Direct assistance from beginning to end
  • Paying up to $20,000 in legal fees. The bills come directly to Sellers Shield. No co-pays, no deductibles, no hassle! 

Brokers and agents who wish to protect their sellers and themselves, can do so in two simple steps:

During our Gold Standard Disclosure Process, we educate sellers about the risk of post-sale claims and offer Home Sale Legal Protection. It’s super easy for your sellers to opt-in and pay on the website or to pay out of closing proceeds. 

Take care of your clients who can be dragged into disputes, just like Scott C. was. By providing sellers with protection and peace of mind

See how frustrating it can be to deal with a post-sale dispute.


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