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New Update Makes Sending Disclosure Forms Easier Than Ever Within Transactions (zipForm Edition)

Sending your disclosure forms just got easier!

How To Send Disclosures From Within Transactions (zipForm edition)

In the Transactions (zipForm edition) toolbar, you will now see a button that says, “Disclosures”. Simply click that button to send the correct disclosure forms to your clients! You’ll receive the 100% complete, legible, and e-signed forms back via email when your sellers’ finish them.

Need more support utilizing the new feature? Click here for more details.

Disclosure Forms Powered by Sellers Shield™

Sellers Shield™ is proud to partner with Transactions (zipForm edition) to enable agents to provide even better services for their sellers while saving time. These digitized disclosure forms are powered by Sellers Shield™, the industry gold standard for online disclosure forms. Disclosures have never been easier, faster, and safer thanks to the features of our platform.

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Why Agents Love Sellers Shield™

Why Sellers Love Sellers Shield™

The Seller Experience

Sellers will receive an email with a link to fill out their disclosure forms immediately after the agent sets up their account. Sellers will then be supported throughout the disclosure process with tips, examples, FAQs, and more!


Our $20,000 promise

Up to $20,000 paid legal representation.

smart sellers tools happy

Protection options

For claims made within 1, 2, or 3 years of the sale of the home.

home disclosure anytime

Sellers can easily opt-in

Available during disclosure or anytime before closing.

Keep Your Clients Protected

Lawsuits don’t happen on every home sale, but when they do happen they’re a major headache for everyone. Sellers Shield™ steps in to help with home sale legal protection. Sellers Shield™ created Home Sale Legal Protection™ as a way to make sure sellers have a line defense in the event of a lawsuit.

Home Sale Legal Protection™

Sellers are given the option to purchase Home Sale Legal Protection™ during the disclosure process. If a protected seller is sued after closing, all they need to do is let us know. We’ll immediately review the claim to determine which experienced attorney is ideal for their specific case. From there the seller and attorney will move forward with the lawsuit while Sellers Shield™ picks up the tab! We pay the legal fees up to $20,000!

Step-by-Step Support to Send Disclosures from Within Transactions (zipForm edition):

  1. Log in to your Transactions (zipForm edition) account
  2. Go to the Transactions tab
  3. Click on the “Documents” tab (it’s between the “Parties” and “Checklist” tabs).
  4. There is a new button with a shield icon located on the toolbar that says, “Disclosures”.
  5. Simply click on the button to begin sending out local and state disclosure forms! 
  6. Every form you get back is guaranteed to be complete, legible, and electronically signed by the client.

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