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Bo Blackburn breaks down the anatomy of a residential real estate lawsuit including how to limit your liability and avoid the most common mistakes relating to the seller’s disclosure notice and real estate legal claims.

We Cover:

  • Bo’s career and background history
  • Founding Sellers Shield and what the company does
  • What the Sellers Disclosure Notice is and how it works
  • How and why real estate lawsuits are on the rise
  • The most common risk factors when it comes to sellers and agents
  • How we can resolve disputes before it goes to the courtroom
  • The importance of sellers being protected
  • The role REALTORS play
  • Most common mistakes REALTORS make when it comes to seller disclosures
  • What can happen if a lawsuit makes it to the courtroom
  • Most common types of legal claims that arise
  • Bo’s most memorable cases

Our founders are legal experts who’ve spent 25 years representing thousands of sellers, real estate agents, and brokers in home sale lawsuits.

“We were created to solve two unfair issues. First, home sellers are the only ones without protection. Brokers, agents, inspectors, title, mortgage, and warranty companies – they all have insurance. But sellers are left out in the cold. Second, if a seller gets sued, so does their agent and broker, even if they did nothing wrong.”

– Bo Blackburn, COO and Co-Founder of Sellers Shield


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