Top Questions to Ask Your Agent Before Selling Your Home

What Questions should you be asking your Real Estate agent when selling your home?

Selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Having an agent guide you in the right direction is of the utmost importance and requires knowledge of the real estate market. You want to be sure the agent you are using is an expert at their job and can sell your home quickly with the least amount of stress possible.

Before selling your home you may want to interview more than one agent and ask questions to gather as much information before listing your home. Not sure where to get started? Start by looking in your local area and use trusted websites such as and social media outlets for reviews on the agent. Once you’ve narrowed it down, here are the top questions to ask a real estate agent you are considering:

1. What is your experience as a real estate agent?

You should always know how much time your real estate agent has under their belt. Although number of years is not the all-end answer to whether or not the agent should represent you, their background and knowledge in the field is essential. Know what their current experience is like, such as how many listings they have at the moment.

2.   Are you a REALTOR® as well?

To be a REALTOR® means the real estate agent is registered with the National Association of REALTORS and must follow a code of ethics when representing you. REALTORS are known to have good credentials.

3.   How do you plan on listing my home?

The real estate agent should have a clear and concise understanding of how they will effectively market your home to the public and potential buyers. Many real estate agents will provide you with a marketing plan that is detailed and lined out for you to get the full picture. Without an effective marketing plan, selling a home is just not feasible.

4.   How will I be able to reach you and how often will we communicate?

Communication with your real estate agent is key in selling your home. You should be given updates on a daily basis to understand where you sit with your home sale process. Make sure your agent is clear on how they will communicate the most important factors in your home sale such as who should you use for mortgage loans, if needed? What happens once a buyer submits an offer and how soon will you be notified? It is important to remember that the agent must perform a fiduciary duty to you and treat you with the utmost care and concern.

5.   What is expected of you, the home seller?

Always be on the same page with your real estate agent and know exactly what is to be expected of you. This will lead to less room for argument or miscommunication. Know when you will be needed for deadlines and have them guide you through documents or key areas of concern.

6.   How can they help protect you against home sale lawsuits?

Choosing a real estate professional who has access to a third party lawsuit prevention and protection plan is one of the best ways to go about choosing a real estate agent. Sellers Shield™ is provided to agents to help ensure they protect themselves as well as their clients when listing a home for sale. This is done by supplementing the client with legal guidance while filling out the Seller Disclosure Notice since the agent cannot aid their client with this. Protection after the sale is also offered to give peace of mind to the client and agent. Be sure to ask your agent about Sellers Shield™ to protect yourself from a lawsuit involving the disclosure notice or click the button below.

Home Sale Legal Protection™

Preparing to sell your home must be taken seriously if you want to get the best offer for your home. This starts with choosing the right real estate agent. Know who is representing you in this time sensitive and legally binding point of your life as a homeowner. And make sure you’re protected with Sellers Shield™ to avoid a lawsuit.

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