zipLogix™ and Sellers Shield™ partner to give California real estate professionals the first interactive seller’s disclosure process designed to prevent lawsuits

Sellers Shield™ offers a simple, turn-key solution that guides home sellers through the disclosure process; preventing lawsuits for sellers, agents and brokers.

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Sellers Shield™, a leader in software and legal solutions that protect real estate brokers, agents and home sellers from lawsuits, today announced a partnership with zipLogix™, the industry leader in transaction management software and creators of zipForm®.  This revolutionary partnership will enable property sellers to complete key C.A.R. seller’s disclosure forms online using Sellers Shield’s Smart Seller Tools™. California real estate professionals will be able to provide their listing clients access to the tools at no cost.

Sellers Shield’s Smart Seller Tools™ include easy-to-use interactive disclosure forms, an instructional video, legal FAQs/definitions and custom-formatted PDFs.  These tools make up a simple, turn-key solution that guides home sellers through the disclosure process preventing critical mistakes that can cause lawsuits for sellers, agents and brokers.  California real estate professionals will each receive a personal online dashboard used to invite sellers to disclose, manage all active disclosures and track the completion status of each listing client.

In addition to the Smart Seller Tools™, Sellers Shield™ also offers Home Sale Legal Protection™ that protects sellers with up to $20,000 paid legal representation on claims made after the sale.  Sellers can easily opt in during the disclosure process. As an added benefit to brokers and agents, Sellers Shield™ is endorsed by multiple, leading E&O insurance providers who offer deductible waivers on claims where Sellers Shield is used.

“We’re excited to partner with Sellers Shield™ and offer the Smart Seller Tools™ to C.A.R. members as a part of zipForm® Plus,” said zipLogix™ CEO Scott Strong. “We believe that California real estate professionals and their listing clients will immensely benefit from this interactive seller’s disclosure process designed to prevent lawsuits.”

Sellers Shield™ has been active in Texas since late 2016 and many of the largest brokerages in the state utilize the Smart Seller Tools™ for every listing. Broker Craig Owen of Keller Williams Heritage in San Antonio, TX, states “It just makes good sense, Sellers Shield™ reduces the risk for Sellers, Brokers, Agents and even Buyers. We provide Sellers Shield’s Smart Seller Tools™ to all of our listing clients, and also give them the option to buy Home Sale Legal Protection™.”  In addition to the zipLogix™ partnership, Sellers Shield™ offers premium license programs, that includes agent branding and special broker management portals, to both brokers and agents.

According to Bo Blackburn Co-founder of Sellers Shield™, “We have a software platform and product, created by legal experts, that gives the seller a strong voice should there be a claim against them after the home sale process concludes. We have thousands of happy customers and we are changing the way the disclosure process is handled for brokers, agents and home sellers”.

About zipLogix™

Fraser, Mich.-based zipLogix™, creators of zipForm®, is a technology company created by, owned by and working for real estate professionals to improve productivity and efficiency industry wide. Its transaction management software, which includes zipForm® Plus, zipTMS® and zipVault®, automates and simplifies the repetitive and complex steps of real estate transactions, and is available as a National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Transaction Management Benefit to more than 1.3 million real estate professionals nationwide.

About Sellers Shield™

Austin-based Sellers Shield™ provides software and legal solutions that protect real estate brokers, agents and home sellers from lawsuits. Sellers Shield’s state-of-the-art protection is designed by legal experts to help prevent lawsuits and provide security to sellers if one occurs. The company’s turn-key online disclosure process gives sellers the guidance they need and limits agent liability.

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