Close Deals Confidently With Home Sale Legal Protection

In this current market, each property closing can feel like a personal victory—a culmination of hard work, dedication, and a thousand tiny details aligning just right. But what happens when the celebration is cut short by post-sale disputes?

Imagine this scenario:

> It’s been months since the champagne pop of your last closing. The joy is palpable—until an email chimes in with a subject that plunges you into an entanglement of concern.

> “Urgent: Post-Closing Property Issue”

> Your heart skips. It’s from the buyer’s agent. They’ve discovered an issue with the home you thought was successfully handed off. And now, the buyers are distressed and feeling misled; they’re talking about misrepresentation, threats are being made, and the word ‘attorney’ is causing ripples of worry.

> Cue the back-and-forth communication between yourself, your seller, the buyer, and the buyer’s agent. It’s an ongoing game of telephone, passing text, calls, and emails between the buyer’s agents for your clients. The time, the stress—your next victory put on hold for a battle you thought you’d already won.

***Adapted from communication from a recent claim

Sounds tense, right? But before you gear up for this battle, we have a game-changing alternative. Enter Sellers Shield™.

At this point in the story, Sellers Shield™ reviewed the claim and hired an expert, local real estate attorney… within 24 Hours. The agent can now get back to work knowing that their former client is in good hands. 

With Sellers Shield™, post-sale legal disputes become a breeze to handle. Designed to support agents just like you, our innovative solution turns that tug of war into a safeguarded dance.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Support at Hand: Sellers Shield™ steps in right where the disorientation begins. When your seller has purchased Home Sale Legal Protection, you can stop the back and forth and pass it Sellers Shield.
  • Legal Expertise:  Sellers Shield™ hires the seller an expert, local real estate attorney. Their team of experts takes the wheel to handle communications, mitigate the threats and advise your sellers on a course of action. Plus, we pay up to $75,000 of the legal fees! 
  • Protection for Reputation: Protecting not only your client’s interests but also your reputation as an agent. 

Ensure your hard-earned closings remain a cause for celebration. Sign up for Sellers Shield™ and turn what could be an ongoing and lengthy conflict into a smooth resolution, every single time.

Here’s to selling smarter, not harder.

Scott was sued for $200,000 two years after the sale of his home.

He never dreamed he would be served papers in his driveway.

real customer receiving lawsuit in drive way.


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